Infinite Time Lines…!

Virtual Reality

In the future I predict that the gaming industry is going to have a massive boom in the field of Virtual Reality! Virtual Reality is going to become a big thing in the near future as technology advances and it becomes a more available product to the public.

The idea of virtual reality is that people can explore another side of life that they can’t through every day means. People can explore anything from a war zone, another country, the year 2099 or even what it would be like to breath underwater or fly above the clouds. It is limitless the amount of places that you can go with virtual reality and it can be used for more than just playing video games.

People can use Virtual reality to teach people. For example different time periods or History to be more specific. You could have audio over a virtual reality program whenever you see a point of interest like buildings, paintings, ancient tools, customs and so on. This being something that can happen with V.R it pushes it’s potential and will force the development to produce new and more impressive forms of V.R.

From predictions of the future, space exploration to even celebrity simulators Virtual Reality will be used for anything. People in our generation have very active brains and will keep coming up with different realities for people to explore at their leisure. I think this will be the next big thing in gaming for sure.


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