Many individuals feel the need bring something new into the world. Be it their own interpretation of something that already exists or be it something that people have never seen before, certain individuals will always feel the need to bring pieces of their imagination into the world for others to see and interpret for themselves.

Entrepreneurs work hard to bring their thoughts to life and create something that they can share with the wider community for others to enjoy. A lot of the things that entrepreneurs end up making are ways to deal with a certain human unhappiness or struggle.

A perfect example of a company that has done this would be Spotify. Spotify is a music app that is available on almost every platform and is slowly dominating the music distribution industry. The creator and head of Spotify, Daniel Ek, created Spotify as a free to use platform with payable member benefits for music to be more readily available for everyone. As so many websites were around that allowed anyone to seamlessly download albums of music for free, leaving the creator with an empty pocket. Spotify made music easier to access and with a more fluent and professional layout that drew people in. Free with ads or a small fee for streams of music at the touch of a button.

In this video, Daniel Ek talks about his experiences and what being an entrepreneur means to him. He saw a problem that other people and himself were having and in turn, created a program to help people try to fix this problem. “We created Spotify to be an alternative to piracy”. Piracy being the problem. Daniel created Spotify with the idea that people who were pirating music would prefer ease of access over illegal downloads and he was right.

“An Entrepreneur is someone that has an itch for a problem and your annoyed enough by that problem that you go out and you seek a solution for it”. On one hand I agree with this statement. But I believe that a person doesn’t have to be annoyed with a problem to want to fix it. Sure the problem by definition is annoying but if a certain individual sees a problem and can visualize a fix for that problem, they can be driven purely by the fact that they believe in their idea and their skill to implement the idea to fix said problem. Be the problem personal or not, I think a person doesn’t need to be affected by it to want to fix it. I know personally, being an aspiring entrepreneur within the gaming industry, I want to create small games for people to pass the time. More specifically, being someone that spends 9 hours minimum in transit a week, I find that time and time again I will try playing a little game on my phone to help pass the time. The “problem” here being that I have a lot of time sitting in transit and the fix is to play little games on my phone to help make the journey a little more bearable. I am not saying that I am annoyed by this problem but I can picture a fix that I believe will work and hopefully sometime in the near future I will be able bring my vision to life.

I believe that an entrepreneur is anyone with the desire to bring something into this world that they believe will create change and hopefully make life easier in some way, shape or form. A new business, a new app or a new game, there are many different platforms that people can bring their ideas to life and pursue a career being an entrepreneur.



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