Speedy Shapes! Postmortem

Recently, I was tasked with the creation of an assignment for my GAM111 class. The task was to create a simple state and event driven game. I went with the simple Idea of creating a matching game where the player would match shapes in pairs before the next pair appeared on the screen. If the player mismatches a pair or fails to match a pair, they loose.


What went well!

I was able to create a well working menu system for the game. It was not as polished as I would have liked it but it navigated the player to the game screen. In the future I would like to create my own buttons instead of using the stock Unity Buttons as the game would look a little more unique.

I successfully created art assets for my game. Using the website Piskel (Descottes & Grosbouddha, n.d.) I was able to create the desired art for my game. Piskel is a site that gives you the basic tools to create simple or complex pixel art. The art was very simple and block like which gave me the desired aesthetic. I would like to look further into creating art assets in different styles as I would like to make games in the future that look a little different in comparison.

The sounds for the game were taken from websites such as SoundBible  (Koenig, 2006) and FreeSound (“Freesound.org,” n.d.). The sounds that I gathered were more than perfect for what I had to get done. They worked as intended. It took a little bit to find the sounds that I desired though. I would like to look into how to create my own audio in the future. Checking out different software for audio is at the top of my list.

The background was good and worked to a good extent. Made the menu and the game look a little more professional in a way. I would like to look into creating better backgrounds though. My way worked but it felt hacky and wrong. Looking further into creating better backgrounds is something that I would like to do in future projects.

What went wrong!

The game didn’t have any win or loose condition so the player would enter the level and was unable to do anything to complete the game. This is mostly due to time management and illness’s at the time I was creating the game. In the future I would like to manage my personal time better and to keep an eye on my health and manage accordingly.

The 2 player mode of the game was never started. the game was supposed to accommodate a 2 player mode but I was unable to create or even touch on it. This was due to a lack of understanding of the C++ language and the Unity editor and as previously stated, time management and health problems. I will need to further extend my knowledge of the language and the editor if I want to be able to complete this task in the future.

My High Score screen was blank. Due to a lack of understanding of the functionality of the language and the editor, I was unable to figure out how to create a high score board. This was not due to lack of time management skills or illness rather I didn’t know how to accomplish this task. Given the time I may have learned which in the end boils down to lack of time management.

I would have liked to have the interval between different shapes to be lowered by the amount of points the player had but without a point system that was impossible.

A point system would have been great to tell the player how far they had come but without a win or loose condition a point system seemed pointless.

In the End!

I would have liked to complete a lot more than what I had completed for this project but due to a lack of time management skills and health issues. What I did complete , I was happy with and it was fun to get the project to what it is now. Soon I will finish the game in my own time and add extra features to make it better than I first intended. I would like to add more shapes and colors. I need to work on my Time Management Skills before my next assignment as I would benefit my productivity greatly and better my learning experience.


Descottes, J., & Grosbouddha. Piskel – free online sprite editor. Retrieved December 20, 2016, from http://www.piskelapp.com/

Freesound.org. Retrieved December 20, 2016, from FreeSound, https://www.freesound.org/

Koenig, M. (2006). Free sound clips. Retrieved December 20, 2016, from http://soundbible.com/


Benjamin Jeffrey Houghton


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