Is Your Game Juicy?

What type of games are you into? Do you like First Person Shooter games? Or are you more of a slow passed Sims kind of character? Maybe you like to play the occasional phone game every now and again? No matter what you like you have possibly noticed what is known as Juice! And I don’t mean the orange kind. Game Juice is something that really gets people playing. It is something that gives the player that feeling that they are doing something within a game and without it a video game wouldn’t last.


Making a game “Juicy” is hugely important. Not making you games juicy will result in people liking your game a whole lot less. What Juicing up a game does is creates a more enjoyable player experience through things such as a ‘Hit Marker’ in Call of Duty, the celebratory chime after your sim levels up a skill or even a voice saying “Sweet!” whenever you get enough points Candy Crush. By focusing on player feed back and making it more rewarding for the player, you are creating a Juicier game. A talk by Martin Jonasson & Petri Purho “Juice it or lose it” (grapefrukt, 2012), speaks on the topic of Juiciness showing how undoubtedly important the element of Juiciness is in an game. They show how a basic game can be transformed into something springing with life and excitement! Turning their from a dull black and white game into a colorful and bright spectacle.

With all of this in mind, think about the games you have played in the past. Now think about all the little effects that are sprinkled throughout them. All of these come together to make the game what it is. Without them, games would be so boring and uninspiring. People would loose interest. Most every game you see on the shelf or on steam green light has some level of Juiciness. If it didn’t, it would have never have got there. Without all of the added juiciness people would not feel as much surprise or delight from a game, ruining the games feel over all. Take a look at the game that the recent talk showed and see for yourself. As you add more effects to the game (more Juice), it starts to feel more alive! Have a go at the game HERE!examplejuicygame

There are many different forms of Game Juice. One of the most simple ad effective forms is Audio. Just by simply adding audio to your game, you have added a whole new level of player satisfaction. A nice track over a bit of game play makes for a much greater experience for the player. Adding a sounds when something hits another object can liven up your game even further but remember, when adding audio to your game, be sure that you are always flow with your core game play. An easy example of this would be a horror game. If you were trying to create a horror game, what type of music would you have? It would be something that leaves the player in suspense. If you play something like the classic “Sun Shine, Lolly Pops and Rainbows”, the player will be completely taken out of the games intended atmosphere. Nathan Lovato’s article “Squeeze More Juice out of your Game Design” (Lovato, 2015) explains all of the different types and layers of Game Juicing from audio to even movement.

the next time you start playing a game, think about the feel of the game and what makes it seem more fun. Once you start to realize all of the effort that the creator has put into Juicing it up for the players, you will truly understand why it is that game developers spare no expense when it comes to creating the proper player experience with the correct type of Juiciness!

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Benjamin Jeffrey Houghton


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