Berzerk n’ Hambling: Postmortem

The time that we were given to create our games for our game jam has come to an end and it is unfortunate for a number of reasons that I will point out throughout this postmortem.

We were tasked with creating a game based around a certain artist and a game. The game that everyone got was the same. “Berzerk” for the Atari. The artist for everyone was different and this is what would make everyone’s games unique in their own way. We were to gain inspiration from our artist and shape the old game Berzerk in a new, appropriate fashion.

My previous blog post on this subject goes into greater detail of the artist I was given and the road that I was to take while completing this task. In short, I was given the artist Maggi Hambling. I chose to take inspiration from one of her art series that I found particularly interesting which was her “Walls of Water” series.

Things that went well!

  • The Player was able to move in the desired 8 different directions just as the original game intended. This was to the desired aesthetic
  • Art Assets were created as intended
  • Audio assets were gathered and cut into specific sizes for sound bites
  • There were no problems uploading the game to the website

I was able to achieve these things through a very mild schedule. After doing a little bit of research I was able create move scripts. With more research this could be improved to complete better/more scripts.

Things that went (very) wrong!

  • The game was left in a very unfinished state
  • Failed to create all art assets
  • Failed to create all audio assets
  • Any form of map was not present
  • There were no enemies implemented
  • Projectiles were not created
  • Evil Otto only had a sprite but was not created in the game
  • Animations were not fully completed to satisfaction

These things and a lot more went wrong during the creation of this game. There were 2 main reasons all of these things went wrong or unfinished. The first reason being that I fell I’ll for a large portion of time during the first half of production. This was due to lack of schedule that caused my diet to suffer terribly which, in turn made me very Ill. The second reason that all these things went wrong would come down to a personal fault by me and would also be the reason that I became sick which is my lack of time management skills. I had not set time table for my day or had not set aside an allotted time for me to sit and work on things outside of class.

I have already started to create a fix for this problem for future projects. I have created a time table and I am still working on getting into a proper sleeping pattern that will help reduce maximum time loss. Also studying up on the couple of things that halted my progress (enemy AI, random map generation) is also something that will help me for next time.


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