Beginning Our EGONE Game – 29/03/17

This week in Wednesdays studio lesson we discussed many different peoples game ideas. Groups have been given a lot of time to really think about what they are going to be making for their project 3 game and today we went through and questioned all the ideas that every group had.

First, a group would present and talk about everything that they thought they wanted in their game and we would then ask questions on anything that was unclear. For a lot of groups, it was common to have many gaps throughout their presentation as a lot of people were not entirely prepared but even so, a lot questions that were asked helped different teams think about aspects of their game that they had not previously thought of which was very helpful and encouraged more conversation among peers.

Our group presented our game EGONE. We got a lot of good feed back on some of the ideas that we had. All of our questions were about different aspects of the game that we were unsure of. Things like “Should our game be more 2D or 3D?”, “Should the player control the characters head or body?” and “Do you think our idea for a boss is cool?”.

2D and 3D was the first on the agenda. Almost everyone thought that it would be a good idea to make the game 2D for a few reasons. People thought that in accordance with the tasks brief, it would make a lot more sense if the game was to be made in 2D. Also the game would be able accommodate our teams preferred art style, pixel. having the game 2D would also make the mechanic of balance a simple and easier for the player to understand.

For the player control, people tended to lean towards controlling the player through the body to accommodate balancing the head rather than tilting the head to move the player in certain directions. Through controlling the character with the body, players will receive more of the desired experience of balancing you ego inflated head rather than using your head as a mode to control your character.

When we pitched out Boss character, it seemed a little weird to other people. The idea of getting to the end of the game and not being able to beat the final boss seemed a little funny but awkward. People thought overall that if the game is to get to a final boss fight that the boss should be able to be killed in some way but rather than make it impossible, increase it’s difficulty. As of now, our team is discussing different ways that we can create some sort of boss fight that the player will enjoy.


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