EGONE: Progress – 14/04/17

After weeks of progress and team collaboration, EGONE has come a long way from where it once was.

In the beginning, we had a very obscured view of what our game was going to contain. Many of our ideas have been challenged as the game has come down the pipe line but it has made the game what it is now (for the better or the worse).


The first big change that I would like to talk about would be the idea of lanes. Lanes were to be a big thing in our games but were changed when we started to see people playing our game. In a recent play test that we had for EGONE, people found the mechanics too hard even with one lane. It was very full on and people never wanted to try and stop unless it was to try and re balance their head. This is better reported on in another blog – Insert Link to Blog Here – . We decided that we needed to rethink how the player would play the game with these crazy mechanics in mind as people seemed to like the difficulty for the most part. We concluded that we would ditch the the idea for 2 lanes and focus on improving the game play for one lane instead. To improve this, we had to focus on how the players moved the character through an environment with only 1 lane. This was easy and gave us a lot of wiggle room to try different things. We changed the player experience by fiddling with the player characters properties until they were optimal for movement and the controls were not too tough but just tough enough. We also changed the player movement so that it wasn’t relative to the player but rather it was relative to world space instead. This changed the controls in a big way and stopped a terrible problem we had with the movement as well, giving the game a whole different feel (a welcome change).

With this change to the lanes, we were also forced to reconsider how the obstacles in the game would be used as we didn’t want to take them out. The original intention for them would have been for the player to navigate the character around them while continuing to balance their head. Since we decided these lanes no longer exist, this mechanic has undergone major change. The current idea is to have the obstacles in the background and have the player interact with them somehow. They would maybe do something to add to the atmosphere of the game rather than be something that the player would be avoiding. For now this is what we would like but we may be able to add extra functionality to some of the obstacles latter on.

In the coming weeks, we hope that our game continues to come together and we keep having these changes that help progress our game to a successful completion.


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