Dev Diary Part 1: EGONE

What Is EGONE?

EGONE is a game that’s based around the word “Boast”. The aim of the game was to boast to NPC players around the level and balance your head while doing so. The game was to be 2D, side on and be controlled with physics. Our group wanted this game to be very focal on the balancing as your head will increase in size every time you choose to boast to other NPC characters. Sort of like how in real life if you go around boasting your abilities, you end up with “a big head”. With this in mind, we needed some way for the mechanic to be noticeable to the player. We also wanted our game to have it’s own audio and art. With all of these things in mind, we started creating our game.

What Was Done?

One of the first things we got to take care of was the outsourcing the audio and art. We managed to get a collaborator for our audio which was a real excitement for our team and then shortly after we found someone for our games art assets. After introducing our game to them, we got them on board with our project.

The game has stuck to the 2D side scroller idea and has also implemented the physics controls. The main focal point of the physics in the game is in the balancing of the head. If the player moves one way to fast, the players head will fall over and hit the ground, causing the player to loose. Initially we had set it so that if the players head went too far to one side it would fall off and the player would loose but after more consideration and internal play testing, we realized that this is not the type of game play that we wanted. We then changed this mechanic so that the characters head would play as a sort of anchor that would cause the player to fall over if they were to move too fast. The head will also tilt either way as the player moves from side to side. With the boasting, we made it so the player can walk up to an NPC, they can tap space bar to “Boast”. As the player does this, the characters head size grows increasing in size and mass depending on the current “HeadLevel” of the player.

How It’s Working.


At the moment, we are currently questioning our art as it’s not really as we wanted but at the moment, it is working for what we have got. The audio that we have been given is awesome. The main track is progressive and fun to listen to. It’s fit’s our intended tone for the game and soon we will hopefully be able to take the in game track even further.

The side scroller element of our game has made it a lot easier to implement the balancing mechanic that will be the main focus of the game. Currently the balancing mechanic is under constant change as it is at the core of the game and requires the most tuning if our game is to be any good. After our first play test the balance mechanic underwent a huge change from the head falling off to the player looking like it was slipping over. After that change we have been trying to mold the perfect character controls based on the feed back we received. Changing things like the mass of the head and the amount it increases so as to better fit the player controls, the character controls so they feel more direct and responsive to the player and the design of the level to accommodate the ever changing mechanics if need be. Currently if the player is to move the character too fast in one direction, they will fall over, hit their head and loose. Through moving their body, the player is able to tilt their head to one side to try and negate this but they will have control this as they progress through the level. The current tuning of this mechanic is not as we intended and still needs a bit of tuning. After our second play test we realized that as the head grew bigger some people were finding it a lot easier to move the character around. This is not what we intended but it is no cause for alarm rather, it is something that the team needs to keep fine tuning to achieve a good difficulty curve as the players head slowly grows.

On top of the current state of the head balancing mechanics, the “Boast” mechanic is a little under developed as well. Currently the player is able to boast to any other NPC character in the game but through play testing we have noticed that players don’t want to boast as it is not at all appealing to players. Some players never even knew that they could unless they were told (more on the play test coming soon). This is something that needs to be fixed if we want to achieve the desired game play.

In Conclusion

The project has come a long way from where we started but still has a long way to go. With all of the changes being made to improve the game, we have been forced to see the see that our beginning vision of the game will be very different to whatever the end product will be. In say that, we believe and hope that we will be able to keep the original theme and focal point of our game.


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