Nailing the “Interview”!

When getting a job, most people will be confronted with the dreaded “Interview” (you are most people)! There are many different questions that people can ask when conducting an interview and a lot of them you wouldn’t even expect to be interview questions but give the interviewer a small insight on who you REALLY are. Questions are not the only way an interviewer will judge your character. The way you present yourself is a very big thing as well. What you are wearing can give off little hints at who you are and your life style.

The interview process is what many (if not all) companies conduct when taking on new employees. This process is what happens when an employer is looking for the best person they can find to fill a certain role. An interview allows employers to suss out possible candidates for the job roll they are looking to fill. Employers look for a lot of things when interviewing candidates because they want to be sure that you are the best / right person for the job. Many questions are asked and the responses that you give are crucial to the outcome of the interview.

The questions that are asked can range from “What have you done in the past to qualify you for this job?” all the way to “Why are roses red?”. These 2 questions are completely different in nature but both are important as they both tell the employer something about yourself. Think about your response to questions as each is important and can change the course of the interview and how the employer sees you.

How you present yourself visually to the employer is also important. It is a good idea to research the facility where you have been given the interview as they could have a certain dress code. This could show the employer that you are very organized and are serious about the interview, putting you a step ahead already. If you were to under present yourself during your interview you could give off the complete opposite vibe and give the employer a poor first impression. “Looking the part” is as important as playing the part and can play a massive role in your interviewing process.

When being interviewed, remember to be yourself! Be confident in your abilities and flaunt what you have! Not too much so that your head looks like an ego inflated balloon! Just show the employer what you are capable of and that you are confident in your ability to fill in the position you are being interviewed for. Be sure of yourself and don’t go back on anything that you have said. This is a strong sign to an employer that you are not confident and that you have no firm stance in your beliefs. This could leave you in the employers bad graces so be careful!

Doing your research and keeping confident is key when you are going through an interview. Dress to impress but try not to over do it. Remember to keep calm and be yourself. Employers are good at what they do and will know if you are faking it so keep your cool and be confident. You can do it!


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