Your Dream Job


Earning money for what you love doing is what anybody should aspire to do. It’s the “Dream”. Whatever it is that you do, as long as you enjoy it, you will find life a lot easier than if you were to be employed in a job you hate. I look forward to profiting off a craft that I love in the future. I look forward to the day where people see me as someone who has made it in the independent industry for something I loves doing whole heatedly and people are able to see the 110% of effort I put in the work that I produce. But how do you go about earning money as a creator? How do you sell your product to patrons whilst developing consumer sales? This is something you must know and understand if you are wanting to sell your craft to others.


I aspire to become an independent developer who earns money by selling my products to the masses across the world. I Am currently learning how to program games and one day I hope to be making games that I envision other people would enjoy playing (and I enjoy making). To sell my craft I need to have a method of sale that would help my games gain the attention it needs to sell and help create a profit to keep me afloat. There are many different ways to go about marketing your product. A method that I am very fond of is micro transactions within a free game. This is also known as the freemium method, charging for things that people don’t necessarily need to use your product but can people can purchase to make it easier or a little more fun / entertaining. This method is very successful within the games market with games like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans. Both are very popular, highly profitable games. Both of these games do not require you to purchase anything that they offer but they include the option for the people that want to take advantage of the paid features of the game. The thing that you pay for could be something that helps you progress further into the game faster or could be an item that you can obtain for a simple, small payment instead of saving your in game currency. This brings me to another method of sales that is used often within small handheld games.

Another method of sales that has been proven to be very successful time and time again would be the 99 cents technique. It is well known around the world and people use it on almost anything. It is a sort of manipulation method that makes people to think that something has been discounted but in reality, it hasn’t. When people see things on sale, they are more driven to purchase them to save money but really, they are buying the item at full price. An example of this would be an item that is $10 but is labeled as $9.99. Small phone games use micro transactions that charge prices like 99 cents or $5.99 to draw players in and it works! I have personally purchased micro transactions from small phone games not thinking about this 99 cent rule thinking that it really isn’t that much.

Becoming apart of the industry and trying to get your work noticed can be a really difficult thing to do at first. People don’t know who you are and many are unsure about the quality of your work. This just means that you have to ease your way into the crowed. How does someone do this? When buying something, would you normally turn to a brand you have known to be dependable and has a good reputation for delivering promised goods? Or would you prefer to take a gamble on another brand that you have never heard of that is selling the same item for the same price? Many people would much likely prefer to play it safe and stick to what they know. If you want people to notice you and the things that you are making then you have to be prepared to make some sacrifices. One good way to get peoples attention is to sell your first couple of “somethings” for less then the average price to help get people interested in you and your “brand”. Once people start to know your brand, you can expect them to start paying a little more for your product.

Getting into the industry as a small independent developer can be hard work when there are so many other people out there trying to accomplish the same thing. Keeping ahead and keeping people interested in what you are creating is important if you want to stay afloat and continue making a living creating the content you want to create. Nobody said getting your dream job was easy.


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