During the development of EGONE there were a lot of things that didn’t go to plan but there were also a lot of things that went better than expected. In this blog I will be talking about both the things that went well and the things that didn’t go so well.

What Went Wrong?

  • Time Management
  • Coordination

These 2 things were the main things that really held our project back from progressing as fast as we expected.

Time Management seemed to be a huge problem for myself more than others I think. When it came to project work, I never seemed to have enough time set aside to get everything finished that I had planned.

Coordination was terrible amongst team members. There were a lot of times when there was code that had been added to parts of our project that was either not needed or created problems with something someone else was doing. This caused a load of problems.We tried to create Tech Spec docs to help control what code was being created and this helped for the most part but some of the code documented was never included in the final project. For example There was a tech spec document on the score and life system that was going to be in the game but was left out of the final game.

How Do I Fix This?

Time Management is something that I have been needing to work on for a long time now but it has always been difficult. Fixing this will need practice and self appliance. I need to keep to a schedule but always be ready to make changes when things don’t seem to go as planned. Coordination with the team members of the project could have been fixed with a bit more communication from the members talking about what would be needed in the way of code instead of everyone trying their own thing. Keeping this in check in the future would be down to me talking to my team mates and finding out what they intend to do before they do it. An attempt was made at technical planning to help with this problem but was not executed as well as we thought it would be. Improving my technical planning skills for future projects is a must.

Things That Went Right?

  • Collaboration
  • Discussion
  • Team Work

These three things I feel like talking about because they stood out as the strong practices of this project.

Collaboration with other disciplines went really well and we didn’t have trouble getting people to work on our project. The work that we got back was awesome as well.

Discussion in the team was really good. Better than any other team I have been on. Whenever someone would have an idea that they thought was worth mentioning they would bring it up but in doing so would cause an awesome conversation to ensue.

Team Work sort of links in with with the previous  point but in more aspects than just discussion. All team members just seemed to get along and would respect what others would say without letting things get out of hand. Never did it feel like things were reaching the point of aggression.

How Do I Keep This?

When Getting Collaborators You need to be direct and strait to the point. people want to know what they have to do for your project. They don’t want to be screwed around. Talking about tasks is how they get done. Making sure the team is talking is something that everyone should be doing. Encouraging conversation is key in group projects. I must continue to improve group Discussion skills by encouraging group conversation where I can and be an active listener at all times. It is important to have a team that gets along. This team got along very well because we were able to keep our personal opinions to ourselves and instead talk to about what would be best for the group. To make sure this happens again in the future I need to be sure try my best to get along with others involved with my project. Team Work needs to be present to be functional.




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