POST MORTEM: Up Ship Creek, Team 4

During the development process for team 4’s story time line, we had our fair share of problems but also found ways that things worked better in the long run. In this post I will be talking about all the things that held our team back, everything that helped our team progress further/faster and the things that I should take away from everything that happened and how I can apply changes to future projects for a better working outcome.

What Went Wrong?

There were a lot of things that went wrong during our teams production process so there is a lot to talk about. Not only was a lot of the lack of progress due to terrible time management but implications within the rankings of our team members.

  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Dedication
  • Coordination
  • Team Work

These are a select few of the things that I found to be the main problems when it came to getting our work done. The first sort of becoming a trend over all other projects as well and is proving itself to be the hardest element to overcome. Time Management.

Time Management on our team was terrible. Whenever we would talk about getting things done, they would always be left until the last minute. If things weren’t done in class, they didn’t seem to ever get done and the excuse being that “I didn’t have time” kept being the first thing that anyone would say. This is something that not only my team members struggled with but also myself. Whenever I would label time to do work on this project I would always push it back and leave it until I had finished other tasks instead.

Communication was another problem with our team. A lot of the time when we went to talk about our project outside of class, we could never have a conversation with everyone present as a lot of us had commitments on the side that got in the way. Because of this, any change to plans was had to get across to other members outside of class.

A lot of the team members and myself had a hard time dedicating time to this project as it seemed to just drag on and didn’t really feel like something any of us wanted to do at the time. All of us had other things that we wanted to do and rather than dedicate time to this project.

The coordination on our team was lacking. Whenever we would agree on a time to talk outside of class people would never show, It is hard to talk to someone about plans you have if they are not there. I believe this came down to peoples lack of motivation to help with group work. Also getting tasks together was difficult as people would try to do tasks that others were doing and tasks were left undone due to people not being assigned to do them. This came down to the fact that anyone on the team wanted the easiest/quickest job so they could say they did something, resulting in people attempting the same task.

One of the bigger problems was teamwork. Half way through our project, 2 of our members had a falling out and caused a huge stand still in our progress and there was no team leader to prevent or deal with this. A pair of students had a fallout over opposing ideas and one student got far too personal during the argument. This resulted in a team member being left out of group discussion and a handful of tasks that now had to be allocated to other members to get finished.

How do I fix it?

Looking back there are a lot of ways I would have went about fixing the problems that we as a team had and myself as a team member had.

In the way of Time Management, making sure that I stick to a time table is a MUST as it is the base plate of any good organized individual. Also making sure that my team is keeping up with their tasks and seeing if they are getting things done according to what was originally planned is a good way to assure that things are done on time and not rushed to completion. Increasing organization skills by using a program such as Hack n’ Plan to help write down and keep track of what myself and other people are going to be working on during the project. Communication is another big thing that needs to be fixed with a lot more stern leadership from someone on the team. Team leaders I have found are a must. If someone was to be the leader and chase people up when they don’t show up for an online meeting then we would have had a lot more communication on our team. Making sure that my leadership skills are up to par if I am team leader and my response skills are ready encase a team leader calls upon me for certain tasks to be complete. Dedication is something that needs to be applied whether you like a project or not. If something needs to be done, it needs to be done with full dedication. This can be fixed by prioritizing getting work done first and rewarding yourself with things you would rather do later. Classic work and reward. Coordination when it comes to getting certain tasks complete is essential. This problem is easily fixed with more team communication and discussion. Prioritizing tasks by their importance is always something that should be done and tracked and is something that I will look to improve on in the future. Team Work problems in this case was something that nobody really saw until they exploded and team members were at each other throats. This could have been avoided with a team leader keeping track of the team members and getting their feelings on other members. I believe that a team leader would have seen this coming if they would have payed attention to the team members well beings and even if things broke out in the end the team leader would have been able to resign tasks diligently. lesson to be learned is that every project should have a leader that keeps track of the mentality of the group in some way. Keeping this in mind when approaching group projects in the future is something that must be done if I want to try avoid having the problem again.

What Went Well?

Honestly, there were not a lot of things that went well during this team project. The  things that did go well did help us progress faster and more effectively and I would like to incorporate these practices in upcoming projects.

  • Brain Storming
  • Regrouping
  • Discussion

These are the main things that we did well together as a team and I would love to somehow carry these practices into future group projects.

Brain Storming was a huge thing on our team. We came up with a lot of good ideas when we would come together and pick though our heads. Every member would have their own thing to contribute and there was never any time where someone didn’t say anything or contribute. This was very much due to a synergy between members.

After one of our group members was outcast, we had to get back together with the other three members as soon as possible to avoid any massive loss in progress. We decided to allocate a leader officially and that was decided to be me. When this was done, dropped tasks were assigned to other members of the group and they were completed as per request. Getting the members of the group together after such a big problem was a huge task but a task that was taken care of very well by myself and the team.

Whenever a topic of question would come up, everyone was talking. No a single person was left out/drowned out of the conversation and it was awesome. Ideas were flowing well. opinions were respected and never rejected, causing some really good team synergy.

How Do I Keep This?

All of the previous strong points I would like to keep up in the projects soon to come. With these practices I am sure to have greater success in future projects.

To keep up good Brain Storming practices I would like to create good relations with my team members and always be able to bring something new to the table of conversation by increasing my active listening skills to better talk to my peers about ideas and pressing matters. Regrouping my team after the fallout was a big task and one I would like to be able to replicate in the future (if need be). To do this I would need to make sure I have the respect of my team members and know how they feel about their peers by being sure to keep updated at all times with all team members. Keeping emotions in check. To keep this from happening again, I would need to develop team building skills (being able to bring a team together for the good of the project) to minimize tension between team members, maximize synergy and monitor their behavior throughout the project. Discussion between team members is always something that is needed on any group project. To make this happen again I would need to always try to be the one with more questions to prob members of the team for their many hidden ideas and then further encourage the conversation by getting others involved as well. This is achieved through constant active listening and remembering that feelings shouldn’t ever be the basis of an argument to help avoid situations getting off topic and out of hand.


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