Studio 2: Reflection

As Studio 2 comes to an end, I am forced to look back and see how I have developed as a programmer. One thing is for certain. I have improved.

Studio 2 was a massive learning experience for me and I am grateful I went through it. Compared to other units that I have gone through before, I really feel that this Trimester made me work harder and more independently. There was never a lack of new things to learn and our lecturer was always happy to give his opinion, help us out with the hard questions or even just have a chat. Made the rest of the class and I feel comfortable with turning up to class every time. I myself, believe that I have come a long way thanks to my peers, lecturer and my hard work and I think I am a better person for it.

Things I enjoyed!

I loved working with my class mates! The programming cohort this trimester has been my favorite by far. We are a small class and we all get along really well. Not only are we class mates, we have become a lot closer outside of UNI and enjoy a night together or even to grab some lunch. We are a tight group of students and I love the connection I have created in my time in Studio 2.

My lecturer! Greg has been one of the most fun to have around people I know. Not only is he a genius when it comes to code, he is one of the most welcoming and friendly people I have ever met. Greg is always happy to help with questions. It is very rare that he doesn’t have an answer for you when it comes to c++. It has been incredible having him as a lecturer throughout studio 2 and I look forward to having him in studio 3.

Learning new things! This trimester, I Have learnt so much. Things like Spatial Partitioning, Verlet Physics and A* path finding I had never heard of before studio 2 but now I not only know what they are but I have now used these methods in my own code. Creating things like Rope Physics and Maze Navigation. It is an awesome feeling knowing that I can now do things like that on my own.

Things I could have done better!

There were a few things that I could have improved on this trimester. One of the biggest things would have been my bad time management. A lot of my time this trimester was used moving houses (twice!) but this is no excuse for not getting more work done. FIX: I could of improved on my productivity if I was to allocate more time to studying and creating my own side projects rather than spending more time than necessary worrying about other, smaller things. I would like to try and create a time table and use it to help better plan out my time in the coming trimester. I have recently tried but never stuck it through but I think it could really help me if I am to stick with it.

Side projects were something that I really wanted to pursue. I wanted to create projects that incorporated whatever it was that we were studying at the time to help drill in anything that we were being taught. I did try to do this but I ended up pulling out and doing other things to fill my time. FIX: If I am to fix this, I need to focus on my self discipline. The reason I gave up on so many side projects is because I hit a wall and decided that it wasn’t worth it. I need to find something and stick to it. I will try, in the future, to sculpt project ideas to be more fun for me in the future to help keep me interested instead of feeling like I am giving myself extra work.


Studio 2 has been very beneficial for me. As I continue to develop my skills as a programmer, I also hope that my skills with time management and self discipline continue to grow as well. I look forward to future trimesters and what they bring. Bring on Studio 3!


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